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Social Media
Marketing (SMM)

Increase engagement and accelerate growth.

Drive website traffic, build awareness & generate higher quality leads.

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More than 80% of internet users are registered on at least one of the popular social networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin), spending at least 2-3 hours a day on them.

How social media marketing helps businesses:

  • Increases brand awareness;
  • Provides additional sales channels;
  • Provides the opportunity to establish a dialogue with potential customers and helps to learn about their needs;
  • Attracts additional traffic to the site/social pages;
  • Increases brand loyalty and trust.

Social Media Marketing Process with MELONAD

  • 01

    Research & Analysis

    We conduct thorough research and analysis of your brand requirements, products, target audience and competitors.

  • 02

    Preparing a Strategy

    Based on our research and analytical findings, we prepare an effective strategy for your business.

  • 03


    We develop a content plan (Social Media Calendar) and agree on all the aspects of social media promotion techniques with you.

  • 04

    Creating creative content, and visuals

    Creating content is one of the most important stages. From videos to banners, we create all the promotional materials with the help of our exceptional and highly creative graphic designers, copywriters and motion graphics experts.

  • 05


    At this stage, we implement a social media marketing strategy, measure results and make changes as needed.

  • 06


    Last but not least- at this stage, we provide a clear and accurate report to you based on your marketing campaigns.


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