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Get on the First Page of Google through SEO.

Attract more of your ideal leads and turn them into clients with MELONAD.

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Our SEO services will improve organic search ranking and drive high-quality traffic and leads to your website.

75% of consumers use search engines like Google to kickstart their purchase journey, making them high quality targeted leads.

How SEO helps businesses:

Get noticed

Online visibility is of paramount importance when companies are fighting to be featured on Google’s first page. We will help you boost your visibility and become the first stop for your prospects.

Generate Leads

SEO is the most cost-effective search engine marketing approach to generate qualified leads.

Long-Lasting Impact

Search engine optimisation isn’t a sprint, but a marathon that produces long-lasting results.

SEO Process with Melonad:

  • 01

    SEO analysis/audit

    We perform a SEO audit with the use of several specialised SEO tools to obtain information on the current status of your website/landing pages and their current performance.

  • 02

    SEO optimisation

    After the SEO analysis, we perform the technical SEO optimisation process (boosting search speed, perfecting your internal and external links, optimising/updating titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags).

  • 03

    Competition analysis

    We can help you identify your competitors and monitor your performance against theirs.

  • 04

    Keyword research

    Keywords are the factors search engines use to rank pages and the terms people use to search for content. Analysing the search volume, competitiveness, and CPC (cost-per-click) of the most relevant terms will help you decide the keywords you want to target with your content.

  • 05

    Content creation & optimisation

    Content creation is a key factor in improving your site’s ranking. Our content specialists can help produce quality on-page content that can boost your site

  • 06


    We will keep you up-to-date with how our strategy is affecting your business. Our team reports stats so you know that you are achieving your goals.


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