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Website Design & Development | 2023

Case study

About Augsight GmbH

Augsight GmbH provides solutions that help contractors, recruiters and corporate clients do their business in Germany legally and profitably.


Augsight GmbH approached MELONAD a while back with a simple request – create a functional and modern website in two languages (English and German) for their German business unit.

We consulted closely with the client from start-to-finish, listening to their ideas and offering suggestions of our own. Our talented web designers used feedback from the client to further develop the brief, creating early designs for the client’s approval.

In the end, we developed a fast and user-friendly website with a language switching feature.


The project included the following work for Augsight GmbH

Website wireframing

Website design & development

Setting up an API between the website and the internal CRM

Setting up Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Google My Business

The result of our work can be seen at As you can see, the website is very easy to navigate, cleverly constructed, and visually pleasing through the use of appropriate colour schemes and original graphics.

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