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Rosenberg & Associates: CORP WEBSITE

Website Design & Development | 2022


About Rosenberg & Associates

Rosenberg & Associates is an Israeli Law Firm specialising in Israeli Civil Law, Probate, Succession, Property, Conveyancing and Land Tax. The firm operates from its permanent offices in London and Tel Aviv.


The partner at the Rosenberg & Associates got in touch with MELONAD because he felt it was time to take their website to the next level. They were looking to modernise the look of the website itself and streamline the content in an effective manner.

The older website had some subpages that were difficult to reach due to an ineffective navigation menu. This was changed by our web design team to ensure that everyone visiting the website would be able to easily reach the page they were looking for.


The project included the following work for Rosenberg & Associates:

Website wireframing

Website design & development

Setting up analytics

The result of our work can be seen at


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