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Paid Search
Advertising (PPC)

Capture your audience
on paid search.

PPC advertising is a great way to quickly
attract leads that are ready to buy.

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Drive qualified traffic to your website

Our PPC specialists have a proven track record of improving conversion rates and ROI through the best practices of PPC strategy and optimisation.

The main advantages of using pay-per click ads are the following:

On-Demand Results

This is one of the main benefits of using PPC ads. Once you have set up your campaign, your product or service will appear almost immediately.

Greater Brand Visibility

PPC ads help to improve brand visibility. Your product or service will be placed on the first page of search engine results, which helps to increase brand awareness.

Fine Targeting

PPC ads allow businesses to target specific groups of potential clients based on either keywords or demographic factors.

Consistent Traffic

PPC can be a great way to generate leads and sales for your business.

User-Friendly Reporting

PPC marketing allows you to track your results and ROI. You can see how many people have clicked on your ad, as well as how many have converted into customers.

Steps to an effective PPC Campaign with Melonad:

  • 01

    Competitor Analysis

    Researching competitors before launching an ad campaign is a must-do when it comes to creating a PPC strategy that converts.

  • 02

    Identifying the Target Audience & Market Segmentation

    Your target audience describes which segment of the market you’re going to focus your marketing efforts on. By creating smaller and more compatible groups of your target market, your click-through-rate (CTR) will increase. That is because a different message will be served to each segment.

  • 03

    Analysis of your website/landing pages

    It is important to make sure that the information/structure used on the website/landing pages is consistent with the offers in the ad campaigns, and will be able to retain interest and convert visitors/leads into your clients.

  • 04

    Keyword Research and Bidding

    Keyword selection is a crucial element of PPC ad campaigns, and at the end of the day, the only keywords worth paying for are those that are most likely to bring converting-traffic.

  • 05

    Ad Copywriting and Design

    Our team of experienced PPC strategy experts, copywriters and designers will create high-performing ad copy and designs that will capture the attention of your target audience.

  • 06

    Campaign Creation and Management

    We will work with you to create a campaign that is aligned with your business goals. We will also manage your campaigns on an ongoing basis, making sure that they are performing optimally and generating the results you need.

  • 07

    Reporting and Analysis

    We will provide you with detailed reports on your campaigns, including data on impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost-per-conversion. We will also analyse this data to identify areas for improvement.


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