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Marketing Insights

Unleashing the power of interactive digital brochures

Vadzim Mitsko

30 May 2023

Digital brochures are an electronic adaptation of conventional print brochures that can serve the purpose of promoting brand recognition, as well as displaying products and services.

Interactive digital brochures offer numerous advantages over traditional print brochures. Below are some of the benefits:

  • Digital brochures can be updated at any time, unlike printed brochures which are static once they are printed. This means that the latest information can be added, such as new product lines or updated financial figures.
  • Digital brochures are more efficient to distribute than printed brochures. They can be easily shared through email or links on a website, which saves the time and expense of printing, collating, mail-merging, and physical posting.
  • Digital brochures offer numerous additional features that are not possible with printed brochures, such as animations, videos, contact forms, and measurement tools. These features enhance the brochure’s interactivity and engagement with readers.
  • Digital brochures can be viewed on desktop and mobile devices, making them more accessible to a wider audience.

Bring your latest print to life with an interactive digital brochure.

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