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Industry News

The Apple Vision Pro Headset

Denis Aleksashin

10 June 2023

At WWDC yesterday, Apple unveiled its long-awaited mixed reality glasses, which consumers have been anticipating for years.

“One More Thing”- this phrase has already become an idiom. Indeed, this year Apple was able to surprise the whole world with its innovation, which consists of over 5,000 patented technologies.

Has people’s view of the future flipped? I definitely think so. In the very first minutes of the Apple Vision Pro presentation, I wanted to buy them, but after the price was announced, this desire decreased a bit. USD $3,499… However, let’s get back to what we get for this money.

A full-fledged cinema in glasses

The ability to immerse yourself even deeper in movie watching, both 2D and 3D using new technologies (spatial sound, augmented reality, gesture-enhanced virtual screen, and so on). Now YOU can create your own atmosphere around you, and get maximum involvement.

A computer for the office and home with a revised and to some extent unique control option

We have all seen movies where in the future we will be “clicking in the air” and seeing slightly more than ordinary people. Well, the future has already arrived – this is exactly what we will be doing with Apple Vision Pro. When you see virtual screens in your room with your familiar applications, and at the same time can interact with them using gestures, voice commands for Siri, and eyes – isn’t this the future? I am confident that we will very quickly move away from desktop computers and laptops, as well as iPads, because glasses will become more compact and functional and only they will be needed to perform the full range of daily tasks.

A new twist in development for gamers

It’s no secret that the gaming industry is quite profitable and requires innovations and new technologies to immerse the player even more in the virtual world.

Just imagine the combination of the latest innovations from the Unreal Engine 5 engine with mixed reality glasses from Apple – it will be more real than reality!

A fresh look at consuming content from the internet

I think that the potential embedded in the Apple Vision Pro glasses will allow us to rethink our options for surfing the internet and watching Tik-Tok or Youtube. It’s not even about holograms like in Star Wars – I think that over time we will be immersed in the videos i.e. we will be surrounded by the atmosphere that was in the video, thereby becoming participants, not just external observers.

As for surfing and searching for information on the Internet – the trend will clearly be towards reducing textual information on websites and transitioning to video material, as well as interactive virtual assistants and bots.

A new era for marketers and advertisers

Well, there is a direct correlation between the emergence of new technologies/platforms, and their applications by marketing specialists and advertisers. I suppose that Apple Vision Pro is exactly the case – there is a high probability that websites and search engines will change in terms of visuals and functionality, which will allow wearers of Apple glasses to not just see static 2D advertising and a flat websites, but essentially visit a virtual office by following a link. I don’t think I need to talk about how the product industry will develop – with glasses, you can rotate the 3D model of any product before buying it and this is just one of the options for implementing new technology.