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Photoshop AI Generative Fill – Example Uses

Vadzim Mitsko

6 August 2023

Photoshop is keeping pace with trends and just three months ago released a beta version of Photoshop with Generative Fill.

In this article, I will tell you how generative fill helps in creating various creatives based on real examples.

You can read more about Generative Fill on the official Adobe website at the link below:

You can test Photoshop Beta in trial-mode, however, you will need to purchase a Photoshop subscription from the Creative Cloud package to continue using it.

You can also test the functionality for free using Adobe Firefly at the link below:

Adobe Firefly is a new online creative generative AI service launched by Adobe in March 2023, and subsequently, some of its online features were added to the Beta version of Photoshop.

The popular tools of Photoshop Beta with Generative Fill include the following:

1)Extend Image

This tool enables you to extend an image’s width and/or height. The embedded algorithms interpret the content within the image, taking this into account while expanding it—this process is known as ‘content-aware fill.’ This feature is particularly useful for designers who, for instance, create banners and require additional space for a headline. With just one click, you can now extend an image from a 4:3 ratio to 16:9, or to any other desired size.

 2) Select Object

This tool allows you to quickly select objects in an image and perform necessary manipulations (color correction, change geometry, etc.)

3) Remove Background

A very useful tool when you need to quickly remove the background from an image.

 4) Generative Fill

Probably one of the most interesting/useful tools. Now you can add any objects to your image, thereby creating professional compositions. Is there a missing boat in the photograph? You can add it in two clicks by pressing the Generative Fill button and entering the desired prompt.

 5) Text to Image

By writing any text/prompt, you will receive different versions of generated images. Example number 1 below was generated in Photoshop Beta, example number 2 was generated in Adobe Firefly. As you can see, the quality of generation in Photoshop Beta is inferior to Adobe Firefly as Adobe Firefly is an online tool and is trained every day on thousands of prompts while Photoshop beta gets updated less often, which ultimately affects the quality of the final result. For generating images, we recommend using Adobe Firefly.

Please note that images generated are prohibited from being used for commercial purposes by Adobe.